“A space created for you”

We appreciate your interest in participating in our Training and Education Program.

Conditions to participate in the program:

Be an active customer of the brand

If you are a direct client of the company, we thank you for contacting your assigned advisor to determine the details of your visit.

If you are not a direct client of GRICOAT, you must:

  • Have a letter from the brand's supply channel, certifying: name of the warehouse, first and last name of the person who will participate in the training, approval of their participation in our program. This is done for ethical and commercial purposes with and for our clients.
  • Once the letter has been sent, we thank you for attaching a photographic record of the warehouse where the presence of the GRICOAT brand is evident.
  • If necessary, our commercial advisor in the area will make a visit.
  • After the validation of the information, the Commercial area will contact you to coordinate everything related to the training process.

1. Basic Module

Aimed at colorists who are entering the world of intonation or who have been in the process for a short time.


Virtual: 3 days from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm

In person: 2 days at the Gricoat – Itagüí facilities from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm


  • Introduction to paintings
  • Fundamentals of colorimetry
  • Intonation Basics
  • Types of pigments and effect finishes
  • Description and functionality of the Dynamics Portfolio
  • Complementary products
  • Basic Guide to the Polyester Dynamics system intonation process.

General features:

  • The training (basic-advancing) begins with a minimum of 4 participants per group; if this number of people is not completed, the training is rescheduled.
  • The program is taught by our colorimetry team.


2.Advanced Module

Aimed at colorists who have experience in the intonation process, to take this module you must:

1.Have knowledge of basic concepts in colorimetry (transparency, coverage, tinting strength)

2.Basic knowledge of Gricoat automotive portfolio (Polyurethane and Polyester line)

3. 1 year certifiable experience as a colorist (job references)


In person: 4 days at the Gricoat – Itagüí facilities from 7:00 am to 4:00 pm


  • Polyurethane Brochure Presentation
  • Unification of basic intonation concepts
  • Polyester Dynamics portfolio presentation (Bases, Pearls, Aluminum, Complementary)
  • Pigment Orientation
  • Shadow values ​​and incidence of funds
  • Color incidence depending on the tool and pressure
  • Solvents: suitable adjusters for each product, incidence with aluminum-Incidence of using a different adjuster than the one recommended in the FACTORY PACK – dilution ratio.
  • Basic blending techniques
  • Toning and application of two-layer and three-layer colors
  • Thicknesses: film thickness recommendation
  • Problems that may occur in an application (problem display)
  • General recommendations/colorimetry intonation tips
  • Induction on products for the preparation of surfaces and finishes in the automotive repainting system.


This training is aimed at end users who wish to expand their knowledge in application techniques, intonation processes and in general about the functionality and performance of our product portfolio.


In person: 1 full day at the Bogotá or Itagüí facilities


  1. How to identify an original Gricoat product?
  2. Guarantee of a complete system
  3. Properties of our varnishes
  4. application techniques
  5. Color ranges (bases-pearls-aluminums)
  6. Color customization
  7. Intonation tips
  8. color software

For more information about training, write to us at: or to the WhatsApp line 310 233 3923